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Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

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Storage for Sports Equipment

It is very important to take care of sports equipment when not in use. This applies to both seasonal sporting activities like baseball, golf, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse and everyday workout equipment. Each sporting item has to be properly prepared and stored in the home or in a storage unit, so it can be reused for many years to come. Children who are participating in sports should be trained not to throw their equipment, uniforms, and shoes in a corner of the laundry room, closet or garage. Equipment and uniforms should be properly cleaned and maintained between each event in order to make it easier to prepare for off-season storage. Once the season is over, certain steps should be followed to keep equipment in good working order.

Self Storage for Sports Equipment

Most types of sports equipment will last years if it is properly taken care of. A baseball player can use the same glove from little leagues through the big leagues. Golf clubs, if kept in good condition, can be used for decades and can even be passed along to the next generation. There are many sports equipment storage ideas that help keep them in good condition for many seasons of use. One solution is to rent a self storage unit for storing sporting equipment in the off-season. This will help with household storage issues and reduce the amount of clutter in the home. Plus, parents, will know exactly where the sports equipment is stored (unlike throwing them in a corner).

Sports Equipment Storage Ideas

Below are a few tips for the storage of sports equipment for the home or for a self storage unit:

  • Visually inspect the equipment before placing in storage. Take care of any needed repairs before placing in storage.
  • Inventory your sporting equipment to see if you might need to replenish a supply of golf balls, baseballs, etc. during the off-season.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific storage tips. This is especially true for larger workout equipment like treadmills or elliptical machines.
  • Properly clean the equipment, especially padding, uniforms and shoes, before placing in storage. For example, remove stains from the uniforms and remove dirt and grass from cleats.
  • Place a cotton sheet or breathable tarp over larger equipment while in storage. Do not cover in plastic.
  • To keep sports equipment organized, keep all equipment for one sport in one bin. The storage bins also allow for easy stacking on storage unit shelving. Label the boxes with the contents.
  • In a self-storage unit, store the current season’s equipment closer to the door and then rotate the items based on the need and the time of the year.

Storing Sports Equipment in a Self-Storage Unit

A 5×5 storage unit(link is external) is the perfect storage unit size to store seasonal sporting items. In a storage unit, store the current season’s equipment closer to the door and then rotate the items based on the need and the time of the year. ezStorage has secure storage solutions systems that will give customers peace of mind that their sports equipment is safe while in storage.

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